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Name BuzzTrade
Founded 2015
Legal Entity AirFinance Pro Ltd
Turnover 80%
Minimum deposit $250
Bonus up to 100%
Full Address Cyprus, Limassol, 16, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, Κάψαλος
Phone +74996092409
Regulation No
E-mail contact@buzztrade.com
Buzztrade and Its Impact on the Trading Market
Broker BuzzTrade - controlled risk, fast payouts.
Blacklisted broker

Buzztrade is relatively a new company in brokerage and specializes in binary options trading market. It was founded in the year 2005 and its legal entity is AirFinance Pro Ltd. The reputation of the company is rapidly growing not only among the beginners but also among the experts in this field.

Buzztrade Review – Company has an overall turnout of 80% which is pretty decent considering the fact that it is relatively new in this circle. The company’s operations are mainly certified in Europe. Apart from this, it owns YTF Trade which is an organization registered in Cyprus. It also finances many high profile organizations. Among the top notch companies it finances, the most notable is the Portuguese football club Porto.

The Types of Assets and Training Involved

Buzztrade brokers have emerged in the trading market as a leading world class organization. They allow you to trade with various kinds of binary options specifically long term and short term.

In terms of training, the company gives various types of materials which allow beginners to learn the different facets of trading market. Along with the educational materials, a special demo account and loads of video tutorials are provided which explain the concepts and theories pretty well. The company gives more than two hundred types of underlying assets, for example, currency pairs, commodity products etc.

It is certified by the EU legislation and is regarded by many as a fast developing broker in binary trading options.

How the Company Functions

If one wants to start binary trading options using their online resource, Buzztrade makes a minimum deposit of $250 to the customer’s personal account. It must be noted that this amount is acceptable for current market conditions and is equivalent to the minimum amount which other brokers pay.

Along with this, the site has options for other types of bills. These bills have their own unique characteristics and vary accordingly. The amount of deposit which is made determines the type of account that is generated.

buzztrade popular trends

Coming to the basics ofa deal, unless and until one invests $25 in a deal they do not get anything in return. That is the minimum amount that must be paid. Now if the transaction turns out to be successful, the customers can earn up to 87% of the total money that is invested which is a fair deal. The minimum that a customer can earn is 67% of the total. Also members of Buzztrade provide the facility of trading in various other currencies such as Pounds, Yen and Roubles.

As mentioned earlier, for trading binary options, Buzztrade makes a small deposit to your personal account. Now these deposits are made through bank transfers or through e-cards. The e-wallet net teller and skrill can also be used.

Now how to withdraw the earned money? The money earned is transferred using the same method in which the initial recharge is done. The finds are quickly received when credit cards while bank transfers take around 3-5 working days.

buzztrade payments

Why choose a licensed Broker and protect from Buzztrade Scam

Ever since its inception in 2008, binary options have received mixed reviews but despite the negativity, it has become pretty popular.It is imperative that one chooses a broker which has been licensed under the American legislation. In some countries, the norms are not properly applied. So it leads to fraud. Fraud takes place through cheats who own dummy companies. They extort money from clients and do not return them the earned money. Magnum Options, BossCapital, LBinary, Cherry Trade are some of the notable companies that are certified under the American legislation.

The laws are created with the purpose of creating a transparent environment in financial operations in all the available interstate markets. These laws reduce the chances of exchange risks. Along with this, the consumer financial system is strengthened and main financial institutions are strictly supervised. The Dodd-Frank Act prevents companies from taking part in the trading market who fail to match the requirements and customers are strictly advised to keep off.

When one goes to licensed broker two important things are guaranteed. Firstly, fraud is totally removed and secondly in case the broker gets bankrupt, they return all the money of the investor.

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Emily Jacob - 2019-01-14 13:48:01

Scam company. Please stay away from themTotal disaster, i am completely disappointed with Df. When I started reading about them all i could find are fake reviews saying that the company is the best one. Now, my money are lost somewhere in space and i don’t get an answer to my emails. I had to use the services of taylorbrennan@consultant,com a financial recovery expert to get back all my money from them

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Thomas - 2018-08-15 18:11:24

I recently recovered my investments trading binary options with this scam broker. I hired a professional to this effect. I will like to share my experience because it is the right thing. Feel free to reach out tgermaine173 at gmaiI dot com