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Cedar Finance

Cedar Finance

Cedar Finance

Quick Review

Name Cedar Finance
Founded 2012
Legal Entity T.B.S.F.
Turnover 81%
Minimum deposit
Full Address Cyprus, Nikosia, 22, Chytron
Phone +1 (347) 486 4045
Cedar Finance - Blacklisted Broker
Cedar Finance is a Real Scam, based on traders' reports.

Cedar Finance  one of the major name in the broker service that relatively deals to sort out large range of financial services. They have their company’s head quarters located in Nicosia, Cyprus that belongs to T.B.S.F. adjustable CySec. Registered on 2012, as in general, broker business has been serving with a classic platform to obtain money, and they don’t need any kind of trade based advices or suggestions.

The first notion of Cedar finance services

The service at its first look is going to bring out many conclusions. But stay a while; it’s not that what you might be thinking of.  Sometimes, their being clumsy might bring on a negative impression for not being informational. But that is not true about it. For those who deal with binary options its English version does not cause any kind of difficulties which might occur with its Russian version. At the same time, the site is not completely Russian that would cause any difficulty. Their English version with the same is going to bring on a convenient impact with making trade easy.

For getting the opportunity to bring their service to you, just get into their registration process in a fair manner. to that you can follow up with filling the details of personal information on the site and then can rightly click on to continue. This procedure would carry you to open the site and then you can conveniently fund your account.

Moreover, you can also deposit the money as with your right currencies as like in dollars, Euro or even in form of pounds. It’s because their complete turnover is being carried through the bank transfer or through the card. They don’t serve with any kind of network currency or skrill.

A well known trading platform

A source of it is offering its customers with a usage of the tradologic platform. It was unfortunate enough that the system didn’t boost the process and didn’t prove itself to be of great functionality. Still the strategy was quite simple and proven with simple manner. This is considerably excelling with its performance for those who are the beginners in the trading of binary options. And the biggest aspect is the platform is completely safe.

With certain unfortunate reasons, the development of the Tradologic did not roll its magic sticks in the perfect way resulting with no service of necessary data relating to the technical analysis. This can also not change the taymfreyming quotations.

Cedar Finance

Trading terms to deal with

For the clients, the brokers from the associate are providing their details with proportionate conditions like that of:-

  • 81 % for the declaration that would yield with a binary option.
  • There is no reimbursement served for any kind of loss reported.
  • 200 $ is considered as a minimal deposit value.
  • Rate sizes vary from 5 $
  • For the purpose of the trading, there is no provision of mobile version and training formats.
  • Bringing to account, there is no demo account that would associate to any kind of client.
  • For the 50 % process, there is a first deposit bonus being provided.

With the running trend, the broker has also been providing with a professional and technically acceptable support for 24 x 7 across the year. But that might not be the fact with the Russian conversion, as here you need to wait for long. This happens when there is some major problem that might not be into the proper angle of being solved.

They are being providing with different sizes of deposits depending on the amount of the account. These are like:-

  1. For those who are going to move up to $ 200, they can opt for ctartovy.
  2. Amount of $ 200 to $ 999 represents bronze schemes.
  3. When you are planning for a deposit of $ 1000 to 4999 $, then you can really get the silver offers.
  4. For gold to be into your pockets, you can try on any amount above 5000 and within $ 9999.
  5. When you have some more than $ 10,000 then you can very well try for platinum offers.

When you think of the account the other aspects that you might consider with that are the bonuses and other sets of additional services.

Why Is Cedar Finance Scam

At first glance while checking the asset index it looks totally mess and wonder how they keep track of client’s account when there asset index are not organized. But while checking the daily market report, it was updated daily and quite impressive. They are always offering with bonus and gifts, here at Cedar finance it’s highly impossible that you get out without any bonus or gifts. Still they are bounded with some kind of negative impacts and review even though they bring on with a great progress and introduce perfect technology.

But at the end, there always lies some negative and some positive impacts, when it relates to the broker services. So it’s the client who has the right to take their own decision with a trust being noted.

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Thomas - 2018-08-15 18:18:27

I recently recovered my investments trading binary options with this scam broker. I hired a professional to this effect. I will like to share my experience because it is the right thing. Feel free to reach out tgermaine173 at gmaiI dot com