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Quick Review

Name OptionRobot
Founded 2014
Legal Entity Binary Options Robot
Turnover Depends
Minimum deposit $200
Bonus 100%
Regulation No
Site visit site
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OptionRobot will trade for you
Use OptionRobot and benefit from accurate and dependable binary options signals.

OptionRobot is a completely web-based software for automatically gaining profits from the lucrative binary options markets.  Currently, the robot is compatible with over 15 brokers, and enables traders to execute orders with increased accuracy and without any emotions, all without charging them any fees.

Features Review

  • Reliable and transparent dealings
  • Supports different regulated brokers
  • User-friendly and innovative automatic trading software
  • A variety of quality indicators
  • Extensive range of expiration times
  • Wide range of financial assets, including currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities
  • Payouts of above 85%
  • Minimum deposit is $250
  • Support offered via live chat and email
  • Several languages supported, including English, French, and Arabic
  • Demo trading available
  • High-yielding trading systems available
  • Launched in 2014

Supported Brokers

To start using the innovative OptionRobot software, you’ll need to open an account with any of the supported brokers listed on its website.  OptionRobot provides a simple and straightforward signup form you can use for registering a new trading account with a supported broker.

Currently, OptionRobot is compatible with 15 reliable brokers, including 24Option, StockPair, BinaryTilt, EmpireOption, and Tropical Trade. Therefore, you can always have a peace mind knowing that your money is safe.

Simple start

Thereafter, you deposit cash in your trading account and activate the auto-trading feature. The minimum deposit recommended is $250. A common complaint in the binary options industry is about scam brokers coordinating with fraudulent trading robots to milk traders of their hard-earned money.

However, OptionRobot affiliates only with popular CySEC-approved brokers, which reinforces its credibility and commitment to quality service delivery.

OptionRobot Trading Software

The robot utilizes advanced computer algorithms to identify trading opportunities and automatically execute them to your trading account—without any extra charges on you.

Software for trading with OptionRobot

Unlike other automatic trading systems that do not give traders control, OptionRobot puts everything in the hands of the trader—you can customize the robot’s settings according to your preferences. This way, the robot will automatically follow your orders, allowing you to be “in-charge”.

Here are some key features of the software.

  • Easy to use and customize to your needs
  • Provides access to a wide range of assets, consisting of commodities, currencies, indices, and stocks
  • Extensive range of expiry times
  • Minimum trade amount of $5 and maximum of $500
  • Ability to set simultaneous trades
  • Demo account loaded with $1,000 virtual funds is available


OptionRobot has six indicators you can use for identifying trading opportunities. You’ll have the freedom to select indicators you want for trading, depending on their unique strengths.

You can choose one, two, or all of the market indicators for generating trading signals. If you choose multiple indicators, the robot will only execute trades if the signals generated are correlating. For instance, before placing a Call order, all the indicators should produce Call signals. As such, this leaves little room for errors and increases the chances of profitable trades.


Here are the indicators available.

  • Trend indicator
  • RSI
  • Williams
  • MACD
  • Stochastic
  • CCI

Trading Systems

During our OptionRobot review, we noticed that everything about the software is systematic, especially concerning the trading process.

Depending on your trading style, you can choose to use any of the following three types of trading systems.

OptionRobot Strategies

  • Classic System: It’s suited for traders looking for safe and secure trading opportunities. If you are just starting out trading binary options, this system could suit you best.
  • Martingale System: It’s suited for traders looking for quick profits. You can choose it if you’ve mastered the binary options market.
  • Fibonacci System: It’s suited for traders looking for accurate, bigger payouts. If you are an intermediate trader, you can choose to use this system.

Support Team

Customer service at OptionRobot is excellent. A team of experienced professionals provides customer support via email and live chat in various languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

If you have any issue, you’ll receive prompt and personalized assistance within the shortest time possible.


The binary options industry is cluttered with different sorts of automatic trading systems promising get-rich-quick results without a systematic and thorough approach to trading.

OptionRobot does not conform to such norms. It is a trustworthy and legitimate robot trading software capable of delivering realistic results while focusing on the traders’ needs and abilities. So, if you are looking for a reliable system for auto-trading, going for OptionRobot will not leave you disappointed.

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