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How to earn $100 a day on stocks from home in Malaysia?

What should we do to earn $100 a day on the Stock Market? This is one of the most discussed topics on the Web, so we are going to analyze how to make money on stocks via binary options. Trustedbrokerslist.com presents topical information on trade brokers so that you could make the right choice and earn trading online.

In this guide we are going to offer some simple and practical recommendations. In this way, all those who do not have much experience, can learn a method of trading. Some of the tricks are risky, as well as we have made the analysis of some of the safe brokers for investing in stocks.

Is it possible to earn $100 a day online?

The answer is: It depends. Indeed, it is possible to earn 100 bucks a day on the stock market or, rather, to achieve significant fixed income, as shown by the experience of investors who have changed their lives thanks to investments in shares. However, it is crucially important to understand that these results are not achieved overnight.

What is profitability?

Profitability is everything that can be acquired when we invest. In other words, it refers to the amount of financial benefits that are obtained when we make an investment. But, these values ​​could also be negative, although the goal is that they are always positive.

So how can we get a good profit margin? We must first identify the best investment opportunities to win on the stock market. For example, before investing in stocks that are increasing in value, we must study how the stock market works, as it is constantly fluctuating. 

How the stock market works

To make money in the stock market, it is necessary to clearly know how the stock market works. It is where different entrepreneurs offer shares of their companies.

For example, if we make an investment in a company with exponential income, the profitability will also be corresponding. This is what is known as dividends, that is, the payment that the company makes from time to time according to earnings.

However, today it is not investors who earn the most money, but traders. How is it possible? Well, this is because they are the traders who are dedicated to buying, but also selling, short-term assets. And these earnings are not derived from dividends.

Aspects of earning money online

To earn money in the online stock market, several fundamental aspects must be taken into account, since there are factors that can harm the prices of assets. However, with the necessary tools and capabilities, this work is made easier for us.

Therefore, one should consider the following factors:

  • Invest in more than one market . This will diversify the portfolio so that if one company’s shares decline in value, another’s can balance out.
  • Study and experience go hand in hand . Study is essential, but also experience to earn money on the stock market. In fact, through experience you will be able to make correct decisions (which includes learning from your own mistakes).
  • When making a profit it is better to withdraw from the market . Indeed, the principle of “When you win, it is better to fold with the winnings” should be followed. This way, the money obtained can be used for the investment of new assets that produce profits.
  • Market research
  • To earn money on the stock market, also with all other assets, you need effort and study. In this sense, it is important not to believe in all those systems or courses that offer the possibility of changing your life overnight with investments in stocks. Sure, their promises may seem tempting, but they could also be scams.

Risk management

When using CFDs to make money on the stock market it is important to become familiar with the Stop Loss and Take Profit mechanisms. With these orders we indicate the exact moment to stop losses to the broker. Also, it is a good idea to use only regulated platforms that allow those who want to make money on the stock market, use Risk Management such as these automatic stops.

Money management

We must remember that to earn money in the stock market you need time, patience and study. Therefore, one of the most practical and useful tricks in this regard is the one known as money management. So what does it comprise? Simply in not investing more than 5% of the capital in each position that is opened. As a result, the weight of losses will be cushioned.

How to operate in online trading

Trading online means not buying stocks in the true sense of the word. This means earning money on the stock market by resorting to CFDs (Contracts for Difference). The operation of these derivative instruments is very simple. Operating through online trading consists of making a forecast of the direction that the price of a share (or of any other financial instrument) will follow between these 2 options:

  • CALL (BUY) if you think the price will rise
  • PUT (SELL) if you predict the price will go down

How to buy stocks

Making money on the stock market is the goal of many people and stocks are the most popular assets. In addition, it is possible to invest directly in stock indices, that is, baskets of shares. Until a few years ago, the only way to buy shares was direct. However, this alternative today is no longer the most convenient, since buying shares involves considerable time and risks.

Therefore, one of the best alternatives when buying stocks directly is online trading. With this form of investment, making money on the stock market has become much more immediate. For this we must use CFDs in order to speculate on the price of the shares without having to buy them.

But we must not forget that investing with CFDs is also risky, and financial leverage is the priority. With this multiplier we can expose ourselves to the market with a sum higher than the initial deposit, increasing the gains, but also the possible losses. Therefore, it is good to protect yourself with the Money Management and Risk Management techniques.

What are CFDs

As we have mentioned, with CFDs we can make money on the stock market even if the shares lose value. Practically, you can always win with CFDs, as long as you make the correct market forecasts. Therefore, one of the main advantages of using CFDs is that you protect yourself from volatility, a characteristic that affects almost all stocks.

It is true that no one prohibits you from buying stocks in the true sense of the word. However, this option requires a considerable commitment from an economic point of view. Also, if the stock loses its price, the capital is at high risk. On the other hand, with CFDs this problem does not exist.

CFDs are available through different online brokers. These sites act as intermediaries between users and markets.

Regulated brokers

The following brokers for online trading are different from each other, but they allow you to earn money on the stock market, as well as invest in other assets, such as cryptocurrencies. Among the characteristics they have in common is the legal aspect. In fact, with these brokers we can be sure that we will not suffer scams or data theft. See the list below:

IQ OptionDeposit: $10
Payout %: 95%
24 OptionDeposit: $10
Payout %: 92%
Olymp TradeDeposit: $10
Payout %: 90%


How do you know that these are legal platforms? For example, they are licensed by CySEC and authorization to operate from the FCA, as well as ASICs. If a broker does not meet such requirements, it is best to click on the top right and close the page. Make sure to check out the blacklisted brokers here.

Best brokers for Malaysia

IQ Option

Also IQ Option is a broker that is characterized by giving the possibility of investing in the stock market from a minimum deposit of only 10 dollars, it is surely one of the biggest brokers operating in Asia. Indeed, it is one of the few brokers that allows you to start with such a low sum. This is a figure that is definitely not comparable to what you have to pay to buy stocks in the true sense of the word.

However, after a few hours, it is advisable to switch to real money, with a minimum deposit of only $10. In this way, you will open a basic account that will allow you to take advantage of excellent customer service available 24 hours a day.

Obviously this broker is legal, internationally recognized and controlled and equipped with an excellent platform. In addition, it has won numerous international awards and is also available in the app version for mobile devices.

By clicking here you can open an account and start practicing in the demo and then earn money on the Stock Market with a deposit of only 10 dollars.

How much should i invest

It depends. For example, those who start from zero, or almost, can start with small amounts to earn money on the stock market. We could also invest between $1000 and 2000 or less. In this case we must remember that even if we lose 100 dollars due to market fluctuations, it will not be more than this figure. 

So the more capital we have at our disposal, the better. Also, this money should not come from funds for basic needs. Also, thanks to the practice that can be done in a demo account after a few hours, you will be better prepared to open a real money account. 

Register an account and start earning $100 a day on Stock Market from home!